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The Lani Kai Island Resort boasts over 400 feet of private beachfront property presenting an unbeatable backdrop for your ceremony of the Gulf of Mexico, framed by pristine white sands. Have a front row seat to some of the most beautiful sunsets that the country has to offer while saying “ I do”.

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Any Day, Any Time, Any Size

Enjoy a beautiful Morning wedding, or have one during the aesthetic sunset overlooking fort myers beach.

Morning weddings are perfect for those who want a private beach experience. Those who tend to be stressed about their wedding, we provide morning weddings to reduce tension and let our Bride’s experience the joy of the moment. We also allow morning weddings to fulfill a flexible calendar and venue so even if we are booked for lunch and dinner, we can still make wedding accommodations

Mid-day weddings are the most open weddings that we have available to brides as it’s a new time slot. If you want to plan the perfect sunset cruise, Brides and Grooms are able to go through the ceremony event mid-day and allow the evening/sunset period to explore the rest of Fort Myers Beach

Evening weddings provide the best photo experience by allowing sunset photos in during the wedding ceremony. As the sunsets, a relaxing, aesthetic vibe washes over the beach, allowing everyone to enjoy your special moment. From sunset photo opportunities to sparkler send offs, night weddings are a fantastic experience.

Small and Large Groups
We can do any size of wedding as we have a very flexible and adaptable approach. Whether you want a private ceremony with just you and your loved one, or a large wedding with family and friends so all can come together and experience the greatness of two people uniting as one, we can accommodate you.

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Custom Ceremony Decor

From conch shells lining the path of your ceremony walkway to beach themed lighting during your sunset vows, we can create from a-z any custom decor you need to make your wedding look truly unique. Show us a photo of your dream wedding and we’ll create it for you. Have Feel free to bring anything custom that you’d like to include in the ceremony as well.

With over dozens of wedding florists available, we have selected the best in the local area with the freshest flowers at the best floral rates. Dependable, on time, and reliable florists help make sure that every single need of your wedding floral arrangements are perfect

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Ceremony Officiant Services

Having an officiant service for your wedding is that we work with very professional officiants on a daily basis. We have officiants for all religions and themes from christian/jewish wedding officiants to a bohemian beach themed wedding.

Our certified wedding planner helps you choose your wedding’s venue, including how you want your wedding readings to occur. Our officiants are able to take anything that you want to occur during your wedding ceremony so that your wedding is truly unique

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Romantic Ceremony Music

We are able to have a completely different type of musical experience from live band to DJ sound system that will get your guests moving. We have in-house DJs that have worked with brides and grooms over a long period of time, making them the most reliable source for music for your destination wedding ceremony.

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Certified Ceremony Planner

Don’t lift a finger. Stress free is the way we like our brides to be. Our focus is doing everything for you from the cake to the flowers, officiant and DJs as well as keeping an eye on you and your group to make sure you have everything that you need. There is so much more to wedding planning than sales or organizing one aspect of a wedding. A true wedding planner connects with the bride one on one so that communication is fluid and easy. Our goal is to get to know you and your needs so well that we can intuitively anticipate needs. We are available for emails/calls 7 days a week and we will always be there to fulfill any of your needs when planning your wedding. We have a full design ability to create anything that you need from your perfect dream wedding to a ideal scenery trimmed from your favorite wedding magazine.

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