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Unique Reception Decor

Divine Fresh & Artificial Flowers
Fresh flowers are beautiful as well as artificial flowers. Artificial flowers are more affordable while maintaining the same aesthetic appearance to include in photos, ceremonies and receptions.
Fine Chiffon Fabrics
Chiffon is a beautiful fabric that flows ever so slightly in the wind and tops of your Wedding Arch. The fabric is soft and gorgeous and can line the seats and pathway of your wedding ceremony to tie in your wedding’s theme across the beachfront scenery
Sensational Variety of Sashes
Dozens of sashes from satin through cross pin sashes that allow you to create a completely custom and unique look to your seating arrangements.
Dazzling Aisle Runners
From burlap to colored aisle runner, even custom sand pathways carved for your walkway, we take into account every aspect of your wedding from form to function
Array of Napkins & Holders
Guests pay attention to every aspect of your wedding, and napkin with holders provide an extension of colors and themes for your wedding receptions. Create an aesthetic color pop for your guests
Variety of Candles
From mtoive vandles, floating candles, pillar candles, tea light candles and other lighting accents to bring out the color of your chosen wedding theme
Gorgeous Vases with Endless Pebbles & Beads Collection
Cylinder tall vases to short vases to different variations to compliment your other wedding decor
Stunning Lanterns
Heart shaped floating lanterns that you can launch at sunset for a beautiful intimate photo. Light a lantern during your ceremony or reception to celebrate your coming together as a couple
Elegant Seashell & Custom Centerpieces
Bamboo centerpieces, shells topped with floating candles and lighting circulating and wrapped with burlap to give you a romantic reception
Chic Chargers
Classy accent to place underneath your plate to add to your dinner to appear upscale and create a nice fine dining look
Custom and Colored Linens
Dozens of styles and variations of linen from you to choose from through color linens, various designs, unique textures, various shapes, and other styles that will bring our your receptions theme colors

Exquisite Reception Catering

Enjoy banquet styled catering from our celebrated chef as his team caters to you and your guest’s preferred dining needs. Completely customize your Wedding Reception Food Selection between multiple venues and food styles to choose from. Choose to include bar services at your leisure. Work with our certified wedding planner to help best choose options so you can save on including the entrees you crave.

Reception Entertainment

Choose from a rocking live band through solo/duet singing and DJ options, we provide the best of entertainment for your Wedding Reception. Our entertainers are experienced and have been entertaining wedding guests in Florida for years. We provide a list of entertainers and make recommendations based on your preferences so that you are matched with the perfect wedding entertainer for your dream reception.

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Wedding Reception Info